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Santa Lucia Highlands

The vineyards of the Highlands are planted on the terraces of the Santa Lucia mountain range, overlooking the Salinas River Valley. Here, fogs and breezes off nearby Monterey Bay funnel southeast, between the Santa Lucia and Gabilan ranges, creating a truly cool climate.  The exceptionally long SLH growing season of early bud break, lack of fall rains, and prolonged harvests allow the grapes to develop full, phenolic ripeness and flavors.  

Vineyards: Pavo Real Vineyard & Highlands Ranch Vineyard



The Paicines area is in a wind tunnel of cool ocean air flowing to the San Joaquin Valley.  In the afternoon, Paicines takes advantage of the slight cooling breeze that comes in off the Monterey Valley. At night Paicines is more protected from the evening fog than much of the surrounding area because of its open location.

Vineyards: Pedregal Vineyard


Santa Clara Valley

The history of winemaking and viticulture in the Santa Clara Valley goes back to the 18th Century. From the discovery of native "Vitis Californica" grapes growing wild and the first plantings of Mission grapes at the Santa Clara Mission in 1798, through boom years and depression, phylloxera and prohibition, the region has some of the richest tradition of anywhere in the country.

Vineyards: Hacienda Rincon, Church Creek Vineyard

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